Creating Art

We didn’t set out to create art that day.  It was just another glamour photo session.   I certainly didn’t expect if of my 30+ yr old mom of a client to help me create some of the beautiful images that we did that day.

But there’s something refreshing about a woman who is confident of her body, secure in her sexuality, and not bound by society’s limitations.   Especially in the deep south.

If more women could be like this, my job would be so much easier.

Keep an eye out for upcoming nude & fetish photography workshops.


Do you know you’re beautiful?

Claudia G Electrifying Heat Map

Do you know if you’re beautiful?

Most beautiful women don’t know they’re beautiful.

If you’re a woman, you already know this. But guys find this hard to believe.

Even models, who have their moments of awareness, usually suffer from low self-esteem for one reason or another. And haunts them with seeing flaws in themselves that others would never notice, or at the very least, overlook.

They may wear a brave outer shell, but many times that is just a defensive wall for what’s going on inside.

Is beta testing Lightroom 4 worth the jump?

One of the things I noticed when testing the Lightroom 4 Beta was that very few of the presets I have (100’s) made or collected for Lightroom 3 even remotely worked in LR4. I’m hoping people come up with some new ones quickly, or the transition (at least my transition) to the new product will be very slow. And my participation in beta testing will be very limited to say the least. Time to revisit

Briana Barela nude except for pearls

Some girls feel naked without their pearls.