A Chance to Grow – I love tall models

I love tall models; that’s my effing problem. – Sean

celeste nicole bikini

Recently, I was negotiating with a model from out of town to do a photoshoot as she was coming into town in the near future. She was pretty hot. An acquaintance had just posted some pictures of her and that’s where it started. As the conversation, via FB messages, continued I asked her height. When she told me, I replied that was a little short for me. She proceeded to give me the ‘whatever!’ attitude. And that basically ended it right there.

Now, let’s fill in the details.

1. She wanted compensation. That’s fair, I respect a model who values themselves.
2. I RARELY pay for models. And if I do, she’s got to meet the criteria I’m looking for at the time.
3. Models pay me. Yes, I shoot some TF when testing new equipment, or test shooting the model for potential future work.
4. Although I rarely pay for models, I do have ways of making models money.
5. I have a lot of photographer contacts in this city….some even value my opinion. ;)
6. I come from a land where models are 5’9″, even though I live in a city of 5’4″s

So, before I could even say ‘You’re too short for me, BUT…..’, I got attitude. Even though I mentioned previously in the conversation that I had other ways to make her money while she was here. And, I was about to explain those options. BUT, we didn’t get that far. Her loss.

Now, before you say I’m ‘profiling’ models….well YES. That’s kind of what modelling is about. I prefer my models TALL. And that’s a rarity in this city. So, I’ve actually lowered my standards to about 5’7″ and above for models I will hire on a regular basis.

HOWEVER, for glamour modelling, it’s not all about height. That’s just a bonus. With camera angles and such, height really isn’t an issue. Some of my favorite models are under the 5’5″ mark, and one of my favs is 5’0″. So, it’s really not so much about height as much as it is about attitude. And if you can grow as a person, your height may not be your second biggest obstacle anymore.

When it comes right down to it, it’s my choice who I photograph.  AND, IF I’m going to pay the model, she damn well better meet my criteria.  AND, if I’m going to present her to other photographers or clients, she damn well better have the proper attitude.

Two of my fav < 5’5″ models appear in this post.
Celeste Nicole of M.A.D. models and Claudia G of CG Entertainment.

Claudia G model implied nude workshop

2014 Photography Workshop Schedule

A preliminary calendar of upcoming 2014 Photography Workshops is now available. I tried to place them every 4th Sunday of each month. Themes and details will be filled in soon, but have a look for now.

”Photography! Acquiring the knowledge and tools to express your artistic vision.”
– Wayne Paulo


Briana Barela white bikini at October 2010 Glamour Lighting Photographer's Workshop

Do you know you’re beautiful?

Claudia G Electrifying Heat Map

Do you know if you’re beautiful?

Most beautiful women don’t know they’re beautiful.

If you’re a woman, you already know this. But guys find this hard to believe.

Even models, who have their moments of awareness, usually suffer from low self-esteem for one reason or another. And haunts them with seeing flaws in themselves that others would never notice, or at the very least, overlook.

They may wear a brave outer shell, but many times that is just a defensive wall for what’s going on inside.