How far will you go to Improve Your Photography?

Briana Barela all wet in the shower at a Photography Workshop

Using two AB400's, one 22" beauty dish, and one 7" reflector bounced off the tiles.

I once had an photographer who drove overnight from Michigan to San Antonio, TX just to attend a one-day photography workshop.   I was skeptical when I first talked to him on the phone, but he assured me that he wanted to attend one of MY workshops.   And he paid, showed up, participated, learned, and took that knowledge and confidence back with him and applied it to his own studio and style.

More than a few have traveled from Laredo, Houston, and even Dallas.  But Steven has always held the record for ‘distance furthest traveled to attend’.  That is, until this month when I’ll be beating his record distance by travelling from Toronto, Canada  Lol.  But he’ll still hold the student record.

The point is, how far will you go to invest in yourself?   Are you satisfied with the photographs you’re producing now?   Have you ever looked at others photographs and wished you knew how to create them?

I used to be in the same boat.  I had all the gear (or so I thought).  I had bought a full set of studio lights, had 20+ years pressing the shutter; yet still I my studio photographs lacked that ‘ooomph!’ that I saw coming from photogs such as Tracy Hicks, and others.

So, when I saw Tracy putting together a workshop, I jumped on it!  Even though the 1st one I attended was 3 hours drive, and the 2nd was a 5 hour drive, I felt the ends justified the means.   And you know what?  It did.

And it was easy.   Once someone showed me how, and I got the hands-on experience.  I knew what gear I needed, I knew how to use it; I was confident in experimenting with new lighting recipes, etc.

Invest in yourself.  You deserve it.  And it’s easier than you think.  What have you done lately to improve your photography?